La calma è la virtù dei forti – The calm is the virtue of the strong

Monday, March 15, 2010


"At First Sight", says Serena Solani

Si, I am beginning this, my share to you. Grazie bene to friend and colleague Absolutely*Kate for making my words true in thoughts pondered. Che bella encourages worth to become more essence, yes?

I shall speak of essence and vital, vitality and the moving of minds, the touching of spirits, the re-remembrance of what imbues.

A vostro comodo ~ At your leisure, your convenience, Come see me some more ~
  Will you kindly?
Ciao! Serena Solani!

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  1. SERENA ~

    I think how you expressed your very first posting, "A PRIMA VISTA" was a warm welcome to readers and insights you have to share. I particularly like your > SIMPLE PLEASURES < LISTING over on your side wall. May I add ~ "Reading great writers"?

    Best to your characteristic zest dear friend. You shall do fine ... ah, perhaps even shine?

    ~ Absolutely*Kate